• Time = Progression | timepiece competition

    Entries for a competition to design a 'commemorative timepiece' for Loughborough University Council Chambers. Two concepts were submitted as a team of two, one of which gained second place. This competition was undertaken in addition to final year university course requirements. The transformation from minutes into hours is visually represented as a positive and exciting occasion, depicting the continued advancement of Loughborough University and an abstract representation of the highly valued “Loughborough Experience.” The minutes advance through the coat of arms, appearing as a superior hour on the right hand side. The process of time should be interpreted as a positive occurrence with each passing minute and hour representing progression, and development, as opposed to the stagnant and cyclic repetition of conventional time-pieces and institutions alike. The proposal of “time=progression” which is very fitting for a University such as Loughborough. Loughborough is portrayed as a keystone to society and to the student population, and this is enhanced with the angled ends to the arch itself.